Top down view of a table with various Summit Hill Foods products and prepared recipes using those products.

Everything we make tastes great because it is made by people who care about quality, care about our consumers and most importantly care about each other. Our products are made by teams with integrity, dedication and a commitment to the absolute best flavor.

We’re a paste, a base, a flavor enhancer, a kitchen shortcut, a secret seasoning and pretty much whatever you want us to be. We don’t really like labels – except the ones on our jar. Better Than Bouillon makes meals taste like they cooked all day in a fraction of the time, making family mealtime easier than ever.

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With a 90-year history of great taste and quality, our family of hot sauces continues to use the time-honored techniques of Louisiana style cooking, produced from simple ingredients, including carefully selected and hand-picked, authentic sun-ripened peppers.

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With Southeastern Mills, great homemade taste takes just a few minutes and even fewer steps. From rich, savory gravies to delicious, fluffy biscuits and pancakes, we have a mix for every meal. Try them all to find a favorite – if you can choose just one!

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Bring the delicious flavors of the great outdoors right into your kitchen with delicious soup, breading and batter mixes today.

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Are you a foodservice operator, manufacturer or industrial ingredient partner looking for quality flavor solutions?

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